Warriors Eskrima

Warriors Eskrima

Krishna Godhania’s

Institute of Filipino Martial Arts

Warriors Eskrima

Instructional DVD Vol 4 – Empty hands


In the fourth volume of this unique series of instructional DVDs, Guro Krishna Godhania demonstrates the art of Pangamut. Pangamut is a sophisticated empty hands system which encompasses the arts of Panantukan (Boxing) and Dumog (Grappling).

The content includes:

  • Footwork isolations
  • Application of footwork on focus pads
  • Focus y daga drills
  • Panatukan partner drills
  • Dirty moves
  • Luyog (15 count lock flow)
  • Counters to locks

Bonus footate: Filipino masters filmed in the Philippines demonstrating Pangamut.

This professional produced DVD is a must for any serious practitioner of the Filipino Martial Arts.

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