Warriors Eskrima

Warriors Eskrima

Krishna Godhania’s

Institute of Filipino Martial Arts

Warriors Eskrima

Instructional DVD Vol 5 – Sword and dagger


In volume 5 of this acclaimed series of instructional DVDs Guro Krishna Godhania teaches the art of “Espada y Daga” (Sword and dagger) and “Olisi y Baraw” (Stick and dagger).

The content includes:

  • Projectiles
  • Largo mani – fraile, crossada
  • Medio mano – sombra y degaso
  • Corto mano – Olisi y baraw trapping techniques
  • Advanced counters
  • Amara
  • Empty hand translations

Bonus footage: Gransmaters in the Philippines.

This professionally produced DVD is a must for any serious practitioner of the Filipino Martial Arts.

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