Warriors Eskrima

Warriors Eskrima

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Warriors Eskrima

Doble Baston – Double Stick

Doble Baston can be categorised into three areas designed for each area to develop different skills and attributes.


Coordination Drills

Coordination drills are practised to improve your weaker side and are generally characterised by both individuals doing the same thing at the same time, they are again usually practised from two chambers these being Abierta (open) and Serrada (closed). The drills also develop a sense of timing and rhythm which also gives a foundation for a practical application in later training.


Flow Drills

Once you are comfortable with coordination drills the next progression is to try the flow drills which differ in that they are counter for counter which means you do not mirror your partner’s strikes and are an excellent bridge from coordination drills to sparring.


Combat Techniques

These are the techniques that are used in sparring with effective double stick tactics such as using one stick for attack while simultaneously attacking with the other commonly known as a Ginunting concepts, this can be done either by you initiating the strike or your opponent leads and you counter. To functionalise the technique practice sparring with padded sticks and fencing helmet


Advanced Doble Baston

Advanced Doble Baston focuses on combat techniques which involve striking on the half beat so as to slow down the opponents’ initial strike; this successfully allows you to enter with a block or parry followed by a strike that engages the opponents other stick thus creating an opening for the finishing blows.


The following are four examples of such techniques;





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