Warriors Eskrima

Warriors Eskrima

Krishna Godhania’s

Institute of Filipino Martial Arts

Warriors Eskrima

Dumog – Standing Grappling

Filipino Grappling can be classified into three areas, Stick grappling, Knife Grappling and empty hand standing grappling which become affective by breaking the opponents balance which involves both pulling the arms and pushing the shoulders, manipulating the opponents head and sweeping the legs and applying joint locks to the fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulder.


Stick Grappling

Stick grappling is a combination or blend of combat Judo and Eskrima which consists of Judo hold downs and stick locking / choking techniques from Eskrima-Kali.

The first progression is to go from standing grappling to ground grappling by bridging the gap then flowing seamlessly through five transitions and seven submissions.


Themed Sparring

Once you become familiar with the flow of movements you should practice against more resistance using different themes so that you are working from different positions.


Knife Grappling

The last place you want to be against the knife is on the ground which is why the majority of grappling defences in the Filipino martial arts are standing grappling based, however insurance is required for worst case scenarios.

Empty Hands

Empty hand Dumog techniques are taught initially out of Higot Hubud a dynamic flow drill frame work along with Luyog meaning locks. This method ensures an energetic realistic flow from one technique to another which starts with six base movements.

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