Warriors Eskrima

Warriors Eskrima

Krishna Godhania’s

Institute of Filipino Martial Arts

Warriors Eskrima

Intensive personal training program

Instructor course – Phase 2


The Instructor Phase 2 program, is taught on a private basis with Pangulong Guro Krishna Godhania. This intensive personal training program (I.P.T.P) builds on Phase 1 and focuses on the following areas :

  1. Counters to material taught in Phase 1
  2. Left versus Right training
  3. Weapon categories not taught in Phase 1, eg projectiles, flexible weapons, kerambit etc.
  4. Introduction to palakaw – the sophisticated art of close quarter sparring.
  5. Multiple opponent strategy and tactics.


Successful completion of Phase 1 is required to enroll onto phase 2 .

What is the course content?

Module 1 – Advanced Solo Baston

This module covers advanced sparring concepts – such as the recovery techniques. It also teaches left versus right flow drills, combative hand switching maneuvers and advanced trapping.

Module 2 – Tabak Tayok

This module covers the Filipino Nunchaku. The Filipino way of using this weapon focuses on combative application and not visual display skills.
Weapon handling drills, Amara and sparring against mixed weapons are taught in this module.

Module 3 – Palakaw

Palakaw is the art of freestyle sparring in close range. This module teaches the drills required to develop the live hand to an advanced level. Close quarter striking templates utilising the curved strikes are also taught in this module.

Module 4 – Advanced Knife

This module teaches the counter moves to the material learnt in phase 1. It also coves close quarter projectile with the knife. Advanced Doble Daga (double knife) is also taught in this module.

Module 5 – Advanced Doble Baston and Amara

The combat applications of Double Stick – such as Redondo, Songkit, Pluma y Payong and Boca y Lobo are taught in this module. Additionally advanced application of the amara – such as the use of enganyo’s (sophisticated feints) are also covered in this module.

Module 6 – Advanced Olisi y Baraw & Espada y Daga

The Olisi Baraw counters to the trapping taught in phase 1 are covered in this module. Combative application of Espada y Daga as applied in sparring is also taught in this module.

Module 7 – Multiple Opponent Fighting

Strategy and Tactics against mass attack is the focus of this module. Principles such as Zoning, Shielding and Strategic placement are taught in this module.

Module 8 – Filipino Whip (Latigo)

Long, medium and close range applications of the whip are taught in this module. Correct methods of striking, trapping and choking with the whip are covered.

Module 9 – Hawakan (Axe)

The side handle baton (hawakan) which has the same characteristics as the axe is covered in this module. Striking templates, defenses, disarms, locks and take-downs with this weapon are taught.

Module 10 – Filipino Kerambit

The Filipino ring knife is a lethal weapon, striking template and defenses, methods of limb hooking, ripping, slashing and cutting are taught in this module. Applications in both the normal and reverse grip are taught.


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Cheques sent to: Krishna Godhania

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Since this is a personalised program, dates can be arranged to suit your schedule.

Training hours

You will receive 24 hours of private tuition with Pangulong Guro Krishna Godhania.

Are there any learning aids?

The training can be filmed for your reference to allow you to retain the material taught

What happens once I complete this course?

Upon successful completion, you will be certified to the next level of instructor-ship and will also be eligible to enroll on Phase 3 of the Instructors program. Phase 3 covers material required for the next level of instructor-ship, and focuses on real life scenario training..

How much does the course cost, and how do I reserve my place on the Phase 2 instructor program?

Please contact us for further details.

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