Warriors Eskrima

Warriors Eskrima

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Institute of Filipino Martial Arts

Warriors Eskrima

Baraw – Knife

The Filipinos have developed knife training to a very high level, however most would recommend that if faced with a knife the best option is to run and the second option is to find an equaliser with the third option being to defend your self with empty hands, consequently knife training can be categorised into two areas with either a skilled or unskilled opponent being encountered in a confrontation;

The first scenario we are going to analyse is offensive knife fighting in which both you and your opponent have a knife, you are skilled and the opponent is unskilled.

The next scenario would be knife versus empty hands with you been skilled with the knife and the opponent is unskilled with the empty hands.

The next scenario would be knife versus knife with both you and the opponent being skilled which is essentially scientific knife fighting. In order to not get killed or severely injured you need to exhibit the following characteristics.

The last scenario when you and your opponent are skilled but must defend with empty hands which is the worst case scenario in this situation you must employ the following tactics.

The next block of material will look at scenarios were your opponent delivers a committed stab, this may occur in two possible ways, the first being when the opponent grabs some part of your body and the other is when he attacks without grabbing.

In addition to disarming and locking it is important to be able strangle/choke your opponent , however most clothing based and naked chokes are considered dangerous against the knife, the Filipinos only use the following three chokes against a knife attack

Knife flow drills are also taught to help develop attributes such as reflexes, hand eye coordination, and sensitivity.

Advanced Baraw – Knife

Advanced knife refers to more detailed use of the live hand particularly as a tool for countering along with defences, disarms, locks and projectiles.

Counters to a defence

Counters to disarm

Counter to a lock

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