Warriors Eskrima

Warriors Eskrima

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Institute of Filipino Martial Arts

Warriors Eskrima

Panantukan – Filipino Boxing

The basic progression in the art is to start with footwork, punching, elbows then defences to the punches eventually progressing on to one to one drills usually practiced in rhythms of three. There are six essential footwork movements as below followed by a footwork link exercise.

Along side learning footwork skills also taught are the basic punches along with correct body mechanics and body positioning.

Panantukan has two unique training methods which are used to perfect punching technique, the first method used is the wall method which is useful when training alone to help minimise telegraphing.

The second method is the Focus y Daga method which requires a partner and training knife used in conjunction with a focus pad which will help prevent the straight punch from dropping to low on retraction, increase reaction and minimise over reaching.

The next progression is to combine the foot work with the punches with use of focus pads, the pad holder is the most important person here as only correct placement of the pads will force the striker to use their foot work, there are six drills which will help achieve this.

The elbow strikes in Panantukan are derived from the double knife which is held in reverse grip;  the elbows are delivered along the Estrellia (Star) shape and are delivered along the following lines:

Panantukan classifies defence into three areas which are defence via foot movement, torso evasion and via use of the arms, these can be practiced against the Jab, Cross, Hook and uppercuts, starting with a single punch later experimentation defending against a combination of punches, as it is important to combine mobility with striking power.

Basic defence using the arms

Body evasion

Eventually the basic techniques taught can be practiced in three-count combination one for one drills to develop rhythm and timing, traditionally they are practiced in rhythms of three but can be varied rhythm and footwork to make the techniques more realistic than stop start attack  and defence.

Once all the correct striking technique and defence have been isolated you need to put it all together with four interactive focus pad drills, which are designed to receive and counter the techniques learnt which will prepare you for the next phase of training, which is sparring were you can practice and build your skills.



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