Warriors Eskrima

Warriors Eskrima

Krishna Godhania’s

Institute of Filipino Martial Arts

Warriors Eskrima

Solo Baston – Single Stick

Within the Warriors Eskrima combative stick fighting syllabus there are several areas and ranges that need to be considered to ensure the practitioner becomes fully rounded and proficient in this proven system which usually starts with an introduction to single stick methods starting with a basic variety of grips, stance and guard postures slowly developing a feel for the stick, then adding further building blocks like numerada a structured numbering system from which  defensive skills, counter striking, disarming off balancing, immobilizing and take downs are practiced. Following proficiency in these areas a wide variety of strikes including linear strikes, circular strikes, thrusts and figure eight strikes called Amara are developed which enables the practitioner effectively defend and counter strike

Flow drills which are developed can be defined as continuity of movement with a combination of sensitivity, awareness, and uninterrupted concentration, early stages are structured drills which become unpredictable when all drills are merged at different points of contact thus increasing sensitivity awareness and concentration. They are designed to develop other attributes such as coordination, reflexes, and spatial awareness and essentially also develop the use of the live hand.

Once a student has developed repertoire and good form they can move on to a form of controlled free style sparring called palakaw the highest level of stick sparring which is in close range usually taught on a one to one basis which requires a high level of live hand sensitivity, reflexes and timing a greater subtlety of deceptiveness set-ups, feints and indirect attacks with a high awareness of line familiarization and seam openings. During this progression previously taught disarming, locking, chokes, trapping and strangles can be practised within the dynamic unpredictable flow with no armour and rattan sticks hence the high level of control.

Amara is presented as a solo fighting form with a basic partner application, however in more advanced stages a more highly evolved application is shown again through partner application but instead of one person blocking and simply countering and going through the Amara sequence, the sequence is more interactive. It is meant through interactive that the feeder defends parts of the Amara which then gives logic to the longer sequences. Also a lot of enganyo (Feints), the live hand, and strikes used as parries are employed in advanced Amara which are very complex advanced movements.


Multiple opponents

Warriors Eskrima constantly develop the ability to fight multiple opponents effectively which is more focused on Strategy and tactics rather than technique. There are several principle strategies used when engaging in a mass attacks but also as important how to understand your opponents strategy and tactics are taught, the training consists of various principles like the nature of the environment principle, characteristic of tool principle and the balance principle which need to be trained in unison and are all aimed at developing skills to survive life threatening situations. In the multiple opponents training there are countless scenarios and training progressions which apart from a self defence perspective multiple opponents fighting is excellent for developing mobile footwork, awareness and zoning.

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